Simone’s Singing Debut

On a sunny December Saturday I was lucky enough to see my favorite concert of the year. In the packed cafeteria of South Pointe Elementary School, Simone Ryan Rolland made her singing debut. The third grader was one of eight talented singers to grace the stage. She had plenty of fans ready to cheer her on including her Mom and Dad and her friends Amara, Lucy and Ariela.

Simone was fifth in the line-up and the crowd couldn’t wait to hear her sing. When her teacher announced, “Next we have Simone,” the room went nuts.

The eight year old singer walked on to the stage wearing a pink dress and tippie-toed with her brown boots so she could reach the microphone to tell everyone, “Hi, I’m Simone. I’m singing ‘I’m Like a Bird’ by Nelly Furtado.” The song began and Simone treated everyone to her beautiful voice. She nodded her head from time to time to feel the words and share them with everyone. When Simone got to the bridge of the song, she really let her talents loose.

The audience loved it. They let out loud claps and screams. And everyone agreed, this was a singer they would like to hear on their radios!

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