Who is David Rolland?

I am the narcissistic creator of www.Pablochiste.com. Depending on the social situation I might describe my occupation as a writer.

Besides this site there are two easy places to check out some of my writing. You can watch the children’s movie Finding Rin Tin Tin.  If you have Netflix you can watch it streaming by clicking here. Much of the dialogue is mine, but none of the toilet jokes.

I also have  written the novel Deadbeat . This noir thriller tells the tale of Frank Bengling, Miami private investigator. Frank enjoyed his life. He had his scuba diving, his business, and his margaritas. But then beautiful Maria Novella hired him for a case. She wanted Frank to find the father of her child. After a long chase the past caught up with Frank Bengling. You can purchase Deadbeat by clicking here. In this hard boiled detective novel, not only is the dialogue mine, but so are the toilet jokes.

12 thoughts on “Who is David Rolland?

  1. Hey David!

    I’m enjoying your new website! In fact, I will use your line about accidentally stepping on your dog’s tail causing a yip from the pain at an animal abuse meeting coming up, in order to prove to some local folk (Vick mentality) who don’t seem to think animals feel pain or discomfort.

    If you ever decide to come back this way, you won’t have to eat my horrible pizza, since a world- renowned baker from your state of CA has set up shop here in our little town of Roan Mountain, TN and is making wood fired pizza and baking his outstanding breads.

    Spoke to your dad and he proudly gave me your new website. He seems to be making a name for himself on Key Biscayne as the nut who is talking to the peacocks. Sounds like you and Sean are having a fun time out there. Hope your new Key Biscayne roommate adds even more spice to your lives and that you all continue to have a good ole time. I look forward to finally renting your Finding Rin Tin Tin this winter when things slow down around here.

    Take care David and keep the creative juices flowing!

    Love to you and Sean,


  2. Thanks for looking. I’ve got something I wrote about last time I was up there, so keep checking and hopefully I’ll post it before winter.

  3. Hey David.. i check your site from time to time. good stories man.. i just read your newest one about the guy on the bus hitting on the girl on your way to your friends for a bike ride.. It is interesting about pitt and leo getting started on growing pains.. gotta take those little roles you never know where u can go..
    werid where not in the same fantasy football league this yr.. maybe next? do you do baseball? hit me up man, lets chat.. GC2

  4. David, you are the “expert” on NOTHING; you are just a self serving egotist. Hey since you also “imagine” in hyour fantiasies that that you are a “writer” maybe you and fellow Jew ERROL MORRIS can get together and make a bondage film where HItler has bondage sex with Jew girls just before he cremates them in his ovens! It will be about as tasteful as his perverted defamatory film entitled “Tabloid” and about as tasteless as your malicious remarks SLANDERING the victim of that film who is going to sue him for fity million dollars –and maybe YOU as well– for SLANDERING her as well as by making the HUGE MISTAKE of REPEATING Morris’ obvious slander. Then maybe you and he can make a sequel illustrating the Mormons’ bizarre baptisms of the dead in their Blood Oath Temple Ceremonies–since you are both so obviously in collusion with the cult to slander an innocent person.

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